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I'm Kinsei and I draw cute things and less cute things.
This is mostly an art blog but occasionally personal too. (Sorry in advance, I take 41563 years to reply to asks)

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I’ve just hit 2000 followers today ! Thank you all so much for your support ! (I’m coming back from holiday this week, and I’ll finally have all the time I want to draw very soon :> )

Do you sell your artwork and if so, how do you sell it cause I can't seem to sell mine.

I’m not (really) selling my art at the moment. I do, however, have a S6 shop, as I was asked prints and phone cases for the little smaug animation, but I’m not making a huge profit out of it. (I’m curious though… Would you people be interested in seeing more of my art on my shop?)

I never did commissions either.

But I can give you some advice I gathered for myself. First off, you can try to make yourself a little more known. Like any vendor, if nobody have heard of your products or shop, you won’t sell much, however talented you are. (Interacting with people and making fanarts are the quickest way to get noticed imo. If you get a bit popular you’ll find people who like your art and want to buy it.)

You can also try to lower your prices for the first sales, but be careful to not underprice yourself too much. (I know pricing is not an easy matter especially when you start).

I can’t help you much but I wish you all the best with your business c:

Anonymous said : For the color pallet thing, I’d die of happiness if you drew Mareep or Girafarig in 4,7 or 14! .u.

Did both with palette 4 :>

shiny-cradily said: Draw your favorite pokemon in palette #14 :)

(Pokemon palette 4/7)

jaffajamjam said:
Gallade - 1, if you don’t mind? 😌

First batch of palettes ! Let’s start with some pokemon requests.

After you receive this you must share 5 random facts about yourself and then copy and send to your ten fave followers (◡‿◡✿)

Oh I never got to answer these kind of messages~ Let’s see…

  1. I love pasta. and cheese. Honestly I can’t be disappointed if you cook me something with pasta and/or cheese.
  2. I’m shy as hell and it’s a real handicap in everyday life, especially when I have to talk on the phone. (but feel free to talk to me I won’t get scared)
  3. I have no fashion sense, it’s a big challenge for me to buy new clothes tbh.
  4. I’m shorter than Levi. (and even my first name reflects that fact…)
  5. I recently got addicted to FR 0v0

Today I wanted to make a post saying I was still alive despite the hiatus, but I’m not really sure anymore after spending the whole afternoon trying to get tickets for Annecy animated film festival…

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