Here’s the charizard-only version because I know that’s what you want.

You are challenged by Champion Kinsei!

I should be working on my finals but let’s do the championsona thing instead … yeah sounds right.

I already did a gym leader version some time ago, but I’m actually a lot more shy in real life so here’s a more accurate depiction of myself uvu

That one tiny hand. Something something foreshortening and reference.

Yeah I noticed afterwards this was wrong. I was certainly too impatient, and I didn’t took the time to look at references… Thank you for your feedback ; I’ll correct it when I’ll work again on this animation.

Giveaway 1st prize WIP ; Colors and tweakings will come after my exams~

edit : oops tumblr ate the animation a bit ; fixed now

I’m sure you noticed I’m a bit quiet at the moment and if you want to know why it’s under the cut~

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Omg I love your work! How do you make that gif??? What program donyoubuse?

Haha thank you uvu

I usually use photoshop for simple animations, and flash or tvpaint for more complex ones. Sometimes After effects when I want, well… effects.

If you’re talking about the TPP gifs, I recorded a few seconds of the stream, then I used a clipping mask in photoshop to make the video layer  only appear on the shadow parts.

- For a brighter tomorrow -

[Hi-res version]
Here’s my artwork for the SnK-themed artbook Operation: Requiem. All proceeds will go to charity: water, a group dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.

I had the chance to participate in this project alongside many amazing artists, don’t hesitate to check it out ♥
And preorders are open~


[Anarchy version]

Giveaway prize for lymazhu - Hope you like it !

Kinsei, I'm dropping by to say you're a great artist with a great imagination. I love your drawings and animations, they look so.... I don't know, lively? Like they are about to jump off the screen and move around. Many artists pursue this trait for years and your work has it just so naturally (ok, you're studied a lot, you get the point) So keep it up even when you feel blue and unappreciatted. There a lots of people who love what you do. Keep rocking!!

Aaaa thank you~ I’ve never received such a heartening message before ヽ(;▽;)ノ I feel I still have a lot to learn in the animation field and art in general, but this kind of message gives me the will to push myself always further !